Self-care practices are the most important tools to improve mental health and general well-being. That includes taking a moment for yourself to relax with a feel-good treatment, allowing your mind to disconnect and recharge. We’ve listed a couple of great spa treatments at Jazz Lounge Spa for men who lead busy lives, that are quick but pack a lot of value.

Back Massage (30 min)

The ultimate way to unwind. This Massage session soothes tension and aching muscles in the back, neck and shoulders inducing a state of deep relaxation. Most of our stress is stored in the back, so 30 minutes focused on this area is enough time to feel relief. Our expert Massage Therapists personalize each session to your preferences and repair needs. Adding a Massage to your routine is known to reduce high blood pressure, promotes serotonin and better circulation in the body.

Purifying Back Scrub (25 min)

This Pevonia Spa back treatment gets all those hard to reach areas sorted, using a gentle beaded body polish to exfoliate dead skin cells. This helps prevent ingrown hairs and acne breakouts from forming, while also brightening the skin. The therapeutic treatment also includes a cooling tension relief gel massaged onto pressure points on the neck, back and calves. Your back will be left feeling super smooth and squeaky clean!

Moor Mud Back Treatment (30 min)

Moor Mud is known for its medicinal healing benefits, a natural astringent rich in vitamins and bio-minerals. This relaxing Pevonia Spa treatment is ideal to relieve chronic pain, stress and tissue inflammation. It also clears impurities in the skin, calming redness and back acne without irritating or drying it out. It is our must-try detox and pain relieving treatment.

Feet Reflexology (30 min)

This massage applies pressure to specific points of the feet that are known to correspond to various areas of the body, alleviating pain and stress. Certain symptoms like neck pain, anxiety or migraines can be improved with a reflexology session. It also helps improve circulation and reduce general tension in the body. As the release of toxins get activated, it is recommended to drink lots of water after the session to help it flush out.

Express Facial (30 min)

We use Pevonia Spa and GlamGlow products for this quick skin fix, customized to your skin type. It includes cleansing, light exfoliation, a pore-refining mask and a hydrating treatment. Men have more active sebaceous glands that produce an excess of pore-clogging sebum, leading to blackheads and breakouts if your skin is neglected. This treatment is often added to a haircut service for a quick skin refresher.