Oh 2020, anything left in store for us? As we continue to navigate through the current world we live in, there has never been a more important time to discuss the men’s health social movement Movember. The idea originates from Melbourne and involves men shaving clean on October 31st, growing a moustache through the month of November, while raising awareness on causes ranging from testicular cancer to mental health.

“Look Great – Feel Even Better” is our core message and mission at Jazz Lounge Spa, making sure you leave looking great but more importantly feeling good. We now join the global conversation in raising awareness together with some tips to living a healthier, happier and longer life.

Change Your Perspective

While we can’t fully control what happens around us, we do have control over our response. That control is like building muscle, it needs to be consciously worked on and repeated to get stronger. Negative reactions come from stress, anger, feeling overwhelmed or hopeless. One way to shift perspective is to pause and see the good in everything; like the opportunity that could come from a set-back. This helps to disconnect and appreciate what is working, seeing what can be done with a clear mind instead. Looking at the bigger picture also helps to make that switch; as they say when one door closes, another one opens.

Connect with people

The stigma of masculinity hasn’t been too kind to men in general. It has caused men to stay strong in silence, as seeking help is often viewed as a sign of weakness. Talking to the right friend, partner or family member could be just the right help you need when you least expect it. On average, men die 6 years younger than women and account for 75% of suicides. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from women? Talking to someone isn’t to ask or get a solution to a problem; choosing to not suppress health-affecting stress is the goal.


It’s always good to start somewhere. Self-care is about the things we can do to look after our own state of mind. If you aren’t already active, make a pledge to move more this month. The MO in Movember does not only stand for moustache, but movement too. Activities that reduce stress help lower high blood pressure – the number one cause of strokes in men. For example, a good Massage releases endorphins in the body, which are responsible for the feelings of well-being and happiness. To help you practice better self-care, we are giving away complimentary Head, Neck and Shoulder Massages at all Jazz Lounge Spa locations this month!

Regular Health Checks

We don’t need statics to know that men are less likely to schedule checkups than women. Preventive health check-ups are what keep you healthy, especially when it comes to prostate and testicular cancers – the most common health risks in men worldwide. Prostate cancer is the male equivalent of breast cancer in terms of the number of men who are diagnosed with it and, in many cases, die from it. Yet, this information receives very little attention from healthcare providers or policy-makers. So, don’t wait any longer and schedule your checkups gents.

Find more information about the Movember Foundation and how you can support it here.

By: Anton Rodionov