We are proud of our unique Massage created by a team of Spa experts, designed specifically for men. It’s called the Jazz Quartet Massage as it uses 4 techniques to soothe aching muscles and induce a state of deep relaxation.

The session will begin with light stretching to warm up the muscles and loosen stiff joints. Focused stretching techniques are used to target points that will leave you with a better range of movement. Stretching is also one of the best ways to undo damage caused by inactivity, which develops knots and poor posture.

Your body, starting from your back, will then be warmed up with a hot compress instantly calming the nervous system. Heat is a simple yet effective muscle soother, helping to increase blood flow to the area in pain. Attention will also be given to any problem areas with the hot compress, beginning the intensive treatment.

A classic combination of acupressure point stimulation techniques comes next. These Chinese traditional pressure points are said to activate self-healing signals to the body, restoring it to its balanced pain-free state. This is also combined with firm deep-tissue strokes that reach deep muscle layers and connective tissue. Tension in overly used, inflamed and fatigued muscles will subside.

Your massage therapist will proceed to apply Basalt Hot Stones, further alleviating tension and deeply soothing. The stones are placed where vital energy is said to flow, aligning the meridians of the body. All stress is forgotten with the pressing and gliding of the stones on warmed oil. Your body and mind will be left in complete ease and balance.