A product that took four years, $70 million in investment and 600 prototypes before it hit the market – the Dyson Supersonic is the first hair dryer of its kind. It is the fastest, the quietest and the most hair-friendly dryer on the market.

Every part of the Dyson Supersonic design feels premium and thought-out. The hairdryer weighs about 700g and is compact, making it mobile and easy to travel with. While the air temperature is measured 40 times per second, maintaining the optimal heat level to prevent hair damage. Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, built for this product, has airflow three times higher than your standard dryer. As a result, the Dyson Supersonic takes about half the time to dry your hair than a conventional hair dryer would; all while leaving the hair visibly smoother and shinier..

The Dyson hair dryer comes with three innovative nozzles that attach magnetically and are made to work for different hair types:

○ The Concentrator Nozzle for precise styling using a high velocity blade of air.
○ The Smoothing Nozzle for more controlled airflow giving a smooth flyaway-free finish.
○ The Diffuser Nozzle for anti-frizz and defining curls.

So why would you want the Dyson Supersonic? This hair dryer is akin to having a personal stylist at home who takes care of your hair, works fast and delivers great results. It is ideal for men who style their hair daily, therefore exposing it to heat, which is the main factor that causes hair damage and hair loss. The best part is you can find the Dyson Supersonic at all Jazz Lounge Spa locations.


by: Anton Rodionov