There are so many great stretching exercises and techniques out there, yet even with a good warm up and stretch post-workout our muscles still end up throbbing in pain. Let’s face it men are just not as flexible as women, and we don’t put our bodies into enough stretching positions; a few knee bends and arm twists just doesn’t cut it.

This is where a professional Physio or Massage Therapist comes to the rescue. They put a little more pressure where it’s needed to push you beyond what you can do yourself. We recommend 2 treatments for recovery and general mobility improvement.

1. Thai Massage Therapy

Traditionally performed on a floor mat, it’s known for its yoga-like stretches and flexibility movements. You will experience a lot of pushing and pulling, with the therapist even using their elbow and knees to relieve tension. It’s great for better joint movement, posture and blood circulation. Thai Massage techniques have shown to relieve headaches; specifically in how it relaxes the sympathetic nervous system (our “fight or flight” response) in which migraines are a symptom of dysfunction in that specific area. It is a great muscle pain reliever, and has also shown to be effective in managing chronic pain with regular treatments. Whether you’re at the gym everyday or sitting in the office, a Thai Massage is a great corrective stretching session with lots of extra health benefits.

2. Sports Massage Therapy

All athletes know the importance of working on their muscle repair with a pro. They require an increased range of movement in the joints, which leads to better performance and form to build strength. A sports massage is exactly that, it restores mobility focusing on the areas that are overly used or fatigued. It involves a combination of stretching and soft tissue pressure to improve injuries, and relieve muscle tension or swelling. Athletes also get Sports Massages before competitions to prevent injuries and stabilize muscles. This one’s a good option if you lead an active lifestyle or need help with muscle stiffness.