Bath Treatments, or Hammam, is very popular with both men and women in the Middle East. Its popularity is likely due to it being one of those treatments where you feel and see an instant result on your skin. The traditional steps using 100% natural Moroccan products will deeply detoxify and shed all dead skin (yes it’s a snake-like shedding process). This deep cleansing body scrub reveals brighter baby-like skin and helps fade any marks or unevenness on the body. An essential part of the Moroccan Bath is the scrubbing technique; the best results cannot be achieved with products alone. We’ve detailed what to expect from our detox Moroccan Bath Treatments for men.

The Classic Moroccan Bath

Your full body will first be cleansed and prepped with Moroccan Beldi soap made from pure black olives, high in vitamin E. It is also scented with pure eucalyptus oil, great for better breathing and known for its antibacterial properties. You must then sit in a highly steamed room for about 10-15 minutes to open up the pores and draw out toxins. The Beldi soap would have softened your skin, preparing it for the exfoliation process with a loofah. This process of removing dead skin cells stimulates cell regeneration, keeping your skin young while improving blood circulation. You will be left feeling refreshed and cleansed, with super smooth skin!

The Fusion Moroccan Bath

This Treatment has the full benefits of our Classic version but with a deeper cleanse. After the scrub, your body will be wrapped in a Rhassoul Clay Mask with the steam turned on again. Nourishing Argan Oil and Green Tea extract in the Mask is absorbed while the steam opens up your pores, deeply hydrating and calming. The mineral-rich clay acts as a magnet lifting all impurities and toxins from the body. It’s a great treatment for men who struggle with body acne. After the treatment is cleansed off, a Honey-Milk Sugar Scrub will be massaged into your skin. It’s an ultra-hydrating treatment with Argan Oil and Shea Butter, brightening your skin tone. Your skin will be left deeply moisturized and detoxified.

The Royal Moroccan Bath

This one is also known as the Hammam Malaki, a treatment fit for royalty. It includes a double-scrub with a premium body and facial detox treatment. After the first traditional scrub, a nourishing Honey-Milk Clay Body Wrap is applied with the steam turned on again. The Clay powder is then mixed with rose water to create a face and hair mask. This treatment is actually quite nourishing and purifying for the scalp, clearing any impurities in the hair follicles. The mineral face mask combined with steam deeply cleanses without overly drying or irritating your skin, leaving it silky-smooth. The facial and scalp treatment remains on, while the body wrap is cleansed off. An Argan-Honey Scrub is then massaged into the skin, with a calming Oud scent that remains on the skin hours after your treatment. You will then be fully cleansed off, deeply detoxified from head-to-toe.