The global health crisis has been a defining historical moment of change in the world. Temporary isolation has sparked a renewed appreciation of our personal contact and connections with people in our day-to-day lives. Staying safe yet moving forward means adding permanent changes to the way we used to do things. We wanted to take a moment to share in detail, all the extra safety and hygiene steps we are adding to our daily operating procedures at Jazz Lounge Spa.

Protective Tools
We have always required our staff who provide close proximity services like Haircuts, Facials or Mani-Pedi’s to wear disposable masks. This has been enhanced by adding a face shield, that provides an extra barrier of protection between our clients and staff. Gloves were not always used, as our team is required to wash and sanitize their hands before providing any service; this has now been enhanced by requiring all staff to also wear disposable gloves per appointment. Other disposable tools have been added in our Nail, Hair & Skin Care Treatments that include disposable razors, combs, cutting capes, nail sets and applicators.

Extra measures are being taken in our cleaning process which includes using hospital-grade disinfectants from ECOLAB, an EPA certified product proven effective against a broad spectrum of potential lingering bacteria. All surfaces that our clients are exposed to, including chairs, are being wiped down with this disinfectant before and after each appointment. Our towels have always been professionally cleaned & disinfected by our laundry partners, who are now also taking extra sterilization steps. An autoclave machine, which is used on surgical instruments, is used to sterilize tools that can’t be disposed of like scissors for haircuts.

We want our Spa & Grooming Lounge to stay a comfortable place for men to unwind and relax in. Wellness and personal care treatments have never been so essential in this time to stay balanced, and feeling good. Our redefined safety measures are here to stay, and we look forward to continue serving you with the highest standards possible.