Ease the tension of everyday strain by letting our professionally-trained therapists loosen your muscles and do wonders for your blood circulation.

Relaxation and Stress Relief Treatments

Serene Candle Massage
AED 390/75 min

A low melting point blended wax creates a unique warm oil massage sensation, giving you a sensual and therapeutic experience.

Hot Stone Massage
AED 370/75 min

A specialty healing massage that uses smooth, heated Basalt stones to relax muscles, calm the nervous system and rebalance the mind, body and soul.

Swedish Massage
AED 310/60 min, AED 450/90 min

A traditional massage with regulated pressure. Good for relieving body tension and knots, it’s the perfect remedy for a tired back and aching limbs.

Balinese Massage
AED 310/60 min, AED 450/90 min

A slow and gentle massage using stretching movements to bring about maximum relaxation.

Body Treatments

Back Facial
AED 350/60 min
Moor Mud Back Treatment
AED 150/30 min

Absorb the medicinal healing benefits of Moor Mud, a natural astringent rich in vitamins and bio-minerals. This treatment is ideal to relieve chronic pain, stress and tissue inflammation. The therapeutic treatment is completed with tension relief gel massaged onto pressure points.

Purifying Back Scrub
AED 125/25 min

A gentle Pevonia body polish with aromatic Jojoba Beads, Rosemary and Sage exfoliates dead skin cells and rough skin, preventing ingrown hair and acne breakouts, revealing brighter smooth skin. The therapeutic treatment is completed with tension relief gel massaged onto pressure points.

Herbal Hot Compress - Add-on
AED 55/15 min

Steamed Thai poultices, made from anti-inflammatory and antiseptic dried herbs, ease muscle tension and swelling. Feel both intensely relaxed and energized with this healing treatment.

Mighty Muscles Treatments

Jazz Quartet Massage
AED 460/90 min

A 4-in-1 massage with a combination of acupressure point stimulation, stroking techniques, and trigger stones tracing your
meridians, ending with a hot compress to rejuvenate your tense muscles and nerves.

Thai Massage
AED 340/60 min, AED 460/90 min

A combination of Thai yoga stretching to increase range of motion and firm muscle compression. This technique aims to clear blockage in energy lines by stimulating the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body.
*Based on availability.

Deep Tissue Massage
AED 340/60 min, AED 460/90 min

A massage therapy that focuses on the realignment of deep muscle layers and connective tissue.

Sports Massage
AED 340/60 min, AED 460/90 min

Specifically designed to promote flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance, help prevent injuries and prepare your body and mind for optimal performance.

Shiatsu Massage
AED 340/60 min, AED 460/90 min

Thumbs, palms and fingers come together to apply pressure to specific points on the body promoting health and wellbeing.

Express Stress Relief

Feet Reflexology
AED 160/30 min

A massage that applies pressure to specific points of the feet to alleviate pressure and stress in corresponding areas of the body. It helps improve circulation and reduce body tension.

Back Massage
AED 170/30 min
Head, Neck & Shoulder
AED 130/30 min
Head, Neck & Shoulder
AED 95/20 min
Head Massage
AED 60/15 min
Foot Massage
AED 95/20 min, AED 130/30 min