Choose from traditional cuts to modern styles, or let our expert barbers recommend the look that best captures your personality.

Cut & Color

Hair Cut & Styling
AED 125
Clipper Art - Add-on
AED 55
Clipper Line - Add-on
AED 35
Head Shave
AED 110 (Razor)/AED 75 (Machine)
Wash & Style
AED 45
Highlights - Foil
Top-section: AED 250, Full Head: AED 400
Highlights - Cap
AED 200 *Short hair only
S-M: AED 50, L: 100

Hair Color
S: AED 200, M: 250, L: 350
Grey Camouflage
S: AED 50, M: 70, L: 90
Eyebrow Tinting
AED 50


S: AED 540, M: 740, L: 1100+
Hair Straightening
S: AED 160, M: 260, L: 370+
Kérastase - Fusio Scrub
AED 85
Kérastase - Fusio-Dose
AED 160
Kérastase - Spécifique Scalp
AED 220
Kérastase - Spécifique Scalp Package
4 Sessions: AED 700

Beard & Moustache

Styling Shave
AED 75/30-45 min
Clean Shave
AED 60/20 min
Beard & Moustache Trim
AED 50/15 min
Sideburn & Neck Trim
AED 45/15 min
Beard Keratin
AED 250
Beard & Moustache Color
Blonde, Grey: AED 250 / Black: AED 130

*Price based on consultation.

Moustache Color
AED 50
Express Facial - Add-on
AED 110

Juniors (under 13 years old)

Hair Cut & Styling
AED 65
Wash & Style
AED 30
Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to target deeper muscle layers to relieve tension and severe pain. Expect firm pressure techniques to stimulate areas that need repair and loosening knots in the muscle fibers. Ideal for speeding up muscle recovery post-workout, improving mobility, releasing pain and stress in the body.

Sports Massage

A combination of light stretching techniques and soft tissue manipulation, sending sufficient blood flow of healing nutrients to overworked muscles. Expect relief from tight sore muscles and stiff joints, leaving you with improved flexibility and range of motion. Ideal before any intense bodywork to prevent injuries, and after for better muscle recovery and toxin release.

Thai Massage

Performed in our traditionally designed Thai rooms on a floor mat, allowing our therapists a wider range of motion. Expect intense yoga-like stretching techniques and corrective flexibility movements that focus on realigning the body, helping with pain and stiffness. Great for better joint mobility, posture, blood circulation, reducing anxiety and migraine symptoms.